Worlds Enough Studios


Worlds Enough Studios is a startup focused on building the technologies to tell tomorrow’s stories. We think about and design technologies and tools for enabling narratives, particularly interactive ones.

We also tend gardens, because every story needs a piece of land to call home.

Our Ambition

Worlds Enough Studios exists to:

To these ends, Worlds Enough Studios espouses these principles:

Worlds Enough Studios is:

David Eyk founder, owner/operator

Trained in English Literature, steeped in techno-lore, experienced in publishing, David has worked for years to bring balance to the Two Cultures. He hopes that Worlds Enough Studios will bring all his ambitions to fruition. When not writing about himself and his company in the third person, David enjoys employing the majestic plural and the second-person plural. When he's not doing that, or anything else that involves sitting at a desk, he's likely to be found grubbing around in the garden.